Podcast: Our behind the scenes Interview – Our next Marriage on Mission Retreat – Pre-order our book and save 20%!

The above picture was taken at our first ever Marriage on Mission Retreat last week.  God’s grace is flowing right now, and we want to share it with you.

So, here are a few things to pass along:

First, Sandi and I were interviewed yesterday by Noah Filipiak.  Listen to his podcast and read his intro below.

Authors, veteran church planters, retreat leaders, and marriage and ministry leadership coaches Tom and Sandi Blaylock (Pawleys Island, SC) share with honesty, grace and transparency the many struggles they’ve endured as a married couple in ministry. These experiences have given Tom and Sandi a wealth of wisdom on how married couples can heal their marriages. This interview truly goes “behind the curtain” of the Blaylock’s lives and ministry as host Noah Filipiak walks with Tom and Sandi through topics of working long hours, insecurity, woundedness, using ministry as a mistress, and what to do when a minister’s spouse is not interested in doing ministry.

Many people assume ministry leaders shouldn’t have marital problems when in fact the position of ministry leadership innately brings with it unique marital opposition. Find Tom and Sandi at LifeWorthImitating.Blogspot.com and get a free copy of Chapter 1 of their book Marriage on Mission at MarriageOnMission.comConnect with Tom on Facebook and Twitter.

Second, if you are a ministry-minded couple (whether vocationally or not) and want to join us for our next Marriage on Mission Retreat this spring in beautiful Pawleys Island, South Carolina email Sandi and let us know.  She can send you the details and dates.  We had a great time last week – here is the feedback we received yesterday from one of the participants:

Tom and Sandi,

I thought the whole retreat was GREAT! It was very helpful when you both shared so honestly what you’d been through. The morning sessions with afternoons off was a good idea.

I liked the processing groups and the drills. Good to have those since that helps to reinforce the teaching. The videos were good fun. Keep them!

Really enjoyed the bonfire on the beach and dinner at your place on Friday was lovely. At the dinner Margaret and I had a great time talking with Ruth and Ken.

Snacks were very nice. Margaret might have liked some decaf tea. She is not a coffee drinker and tries to avoid caffeine.

I think the Marriage on Mission retreat was one of the best retreats I’ve been on. It was fun, refreshing and very practical.

Thank you so much!

~ Kenneth

So, other than forgetting decaf tea, we feel really good about this first retreat!
Last, we are offering a Pre-order Special during the month of December for our book, Marriage on Mission.  Download the first chapter of the book and sign up for our monthly newsletter for more details on this.

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