Leading your Family and Community on Mission – by Caesar Kalinowski



From time to time I run across something that I feel compelled to share with anyone willing to listen.  When I downloaded this guide by Caesar Kalinowski the other day, I knew immediately it was a gift that needed to be re-gifted many times over.

Download the entire guide, but take a moment now to get the big picture of these 7 steps.

  1. Learn to articulate a much bigger gospel – one that touches every area of life today and is truly good news.
  2. Make your own family dinners more meaningful and an attractive door into community for others.
  3. Find natural places in your city or neighborhood that are a perfect fit for you to make new friends and build relationships.
  4. Identify which new friends are “leaning in” to a relationship and possible faith journey with you.
  5. Learn to trust the Holy Spirit to guide your next steps with people, and time spent together as a missional community.
  6. Create predictable patterns and environments for relational growth that are inviting and that help people want to join you.
  7. Teach the Word of God in a powerful yet simple way that is reproducible and fun for everyone.

Sandi and I have come such a long way in leading our family and community on mission over the past five years, but we still have much to learn.  We are grateful for the friends God has sent our way to walk this out with us in recent months.  I believe God is preparing the soil for us to grow from Marriage on Mission to Family on Mission…

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