Investing in the things that will outlive us

Today is the one year anniversary of my father’s death.  My dad, Marvin Blaylock, slipped away from us at 9:55 a.m. on November 6th, 2013.  My mom, my brother, and I were all standing around his bed at home when he passed.  I was holding his hand.  I was the one to close his eyes.  It was one of the hardest days of my life.  And, it was the closest I have ever felt to my brother and  mom…

These two photos are part of a collage that hangs in our kitchen.  Our son, Grant, is pictured with my dad in both of them.  My dad loved all of his grandchildren, but there was a special connection he shared with Grant.

Grant and I were driving to Charleston last week, and as my thoughts turned to dad I asked him, “what are some of your best memories of Grandpa?”  Grant mentioned three things:

  1. Pounding nails with him in the garage when I was little
  2. The knives he gave me
  3. Deer hunting with him

Of all the days and hours Grant spent with his Grandpa, those were the first three memories to come to his mind.  Those memories, those skills learned, the knives, the shotgun, and the tools handed down to Grant are now part of dad’s legacy that will live on.  And, they are very much alive in Grant’s mind and heart today.  My guess is he will pass them down to his children someday as well…

Everyone leaves a legacy.  Everyone will pass down certain memories and experiences that will outlive them and shape the lives of people not yet born.

When someone stands over you and me to close our eyes for that final time on this earth – what will we leave behind?

I am so grateful today that my dad invested so many good things into my life and the lives of our kids.  Thank you dad – I love you and I really miss you today.  You were a good man.

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