A book for ministry-minded couples.
Built upon a biblical foundation.

Learn how strengthening your marriage can multiply your missional impact.

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After fifteen years of coaching church planters, pastors, and Christian leaders one thing is clear: ministry couples are struggling. We should know. For the past eight years, by God’s grace, we have been rebuilding our marriage after my ministry burnout. Step by step we are moving from isolation to integration, and from self-protection to deep connection.

As God mends our marriage we have begun to dream again, “What would a marriage on mission look like?” Today we are partnering in marriage, in parenting, and in real world ministry. Instead of hanging on for dear life, our renewed partnership is giving us new life! After 26 years of marriage we believe our best days are ahead as we pursue kingdom vision from a solid covenant base. Covenant faithfulness precedes kingdom fruitfulness!

Are you ready to join us? Are you ready to engage your marriage on mission?


A book written for those who want a good marriage AND a meaningful ministry. This is a book for couples who have veered off course, but want to get back on track. This is a book for leaders who lead themselves first, and then invite others into their journey.

What is the Promised Land for a marriage on mission?

  • Intimacy – we know fully and are known fully
  • Integration – we experience oneness without losing ourselves in the process
  • Influence – we grow into leaders worth following; we have lives and relationships worth imitating as we imitate Christ
  • Impact – we engage the mission of Jesus by making disciples who make disciples

What others are saying

"Tom and Sandi have written a warm, personal and amazingly accessible account of the realities that we often face when marriage and ministry walk together...The Blaylocks have written "the book" on marriage in ministry." - Steve Jones, President of the Missionary Church

"Tom and Sandi are honest -- painfully honest -- about how God brought them to a new place of intimacy and unity in their marriage and in their pursuit of God's mission. They will help you make that same journey -- but it will come at a cost." - Douglas Connelly, pastor and author

"Tom and Sandi’s story is intensely personal. They’ve taken the risk to share openly what many of us go through but don’t talk about in public. You may find parts of your story in their story...Your ministry matters…but your marriage matters more."

- Dr. Tim Roehl, Director of Training, One Mission Society. Author, “TransforMissional Coaching”

"It's really good...I mean really, really good! It's captivating and relatable." - Jeremy LeVan, church planter and pastor

"We were recently privileged to have Tom and Sandi Blaylock share their Marriage on Mission material at our District Pastors and Wives Retreat. It was excellent! Their candor, their practical counsel, and their biblical understanding of both marriage and mission provided much-needed encouragement and challenge to the ministry couples of our District.

I believe Tom and Sandi’s ministry—birthed in sometimes painful personal experience—provides a valuable resource for Christian couples, whether in vocational or lay-ministry. I believe their understanding of the intimate connection between healthy marriages and lives of fruitful Christian service is an urgent message the church needs to hear. "

Rev. Andrew Petro

Midwest District Superintendent

Missionary Church, USA